• 26 March 2001 – 16 January 2013
  • Heather Kelly
  • Brianna Kelly
  • Tabitha Teutsch
  • Billy Bell
  • 2003 National Specialty #2 6-9 Puppy
  • 2004 National Specialty #4 Bred By
  • 2009 National Specialty #2 Brood Bitch
  • 2009 National Specialty #4 Veteran Bitch
  • 2011 National Specialty #2 Veteran Bitch

Kahlua’s Tribute Video

Kahlua was out of Heather’s second litter. Kahlua was our Reserve to Major queen and will always hold the title (I stopped counting at 25!) She finished her Championship under a breeder judge. She also placed 2nd in the 6-9 class at the 2001 National Specialty, 4th in Bred By at the 2004 National Specialty and was the #2 Brood Bitch & #4 Veteran Bitch at the 2009 National Specialty, Also the #2 Veteran Bitch at the 2011 National Specialty where she was awarded her ROMX.

Kahlua lived with Heather for the first 5 years of her life. We very rarely re-home our dogs and she was a tough one to let go. She and her sister always tolerated each other until they both had puppies and then it got worse. We sent Kahlua to stay with our good friends, Billy and Tabitha when her sister had a litter so there wouldn’t be any problems. Billy and Tabitha absolutely fell in love with her while she was staying with them! It worked out so well and both sisters seemed so much happier, so Heather approached them and asked if they would be interested in keeping her for good. They were hoping Heather would ask! It was one of the most heart wrenching times and Billy and Tabitha were so wonderful as we were going through the transition and would bring her over whenever asked. But when she did come back home, the fighting and yelling began again and it made everyone miserable. Kahlua was so happy with them being the only child for a change and the stress level at the Kelly household dropped tremendously. So she became Billy and Tabitha’s baby for good. We still saw her anytime we wanted and she traveled to most of the shows with us! They even let me bring her back to her first home to breed her again and had some incredibly beautiful puppies, two of which they kept. So now they own Kahlua and her baby, “Pele”, from the next litter, “Kona” and now her granddaughter, “Suki”.

Kahlua told the most wonderful stories with her woo-woos and that is the part we miss the most. She was the most amazing Brood Bitch and qualified for her ROMX title. Not only did we get a better home for her but we got an amazing partnership with Tabitha and Billy. The best of both worlds. Kahlua is greatly missed by the whole Oakbrook family and will live on with her amazing children.