For the Betterment of the Breed

Opening our homes and hearts to smiling Samoyeds for three generations.

Oakbrook Samoyeds is comprised of family. We have  been showing in the Samoyed breed since the 1960s, and we started Oakbrook in 1994. We are not a “kennel” as much as we are a family with a passion for the Samoyed breed and dogs in general. This is very much a family sport with 3 generations currently involved in the breeding, training and showing of our dogs.

Our dogs are an integral part of our lives and we couldn’t imagine our lives without them. We enjoy competing in conformation, agility, doing therapy work, some herding and weight pull, running them on the beach and taking them to work with us! We enjoy the showing and the accomplishments that we have all achieved with our dogs but the most important part for us is breeding healthy, good

quality, wonderful pets. They are only show dogs for such a short time but they are our pets for their whole lives. We are so grateful for all of the great people we have met through our dogs and the puppy buyers that have become part of the Oakbrook family.

Samoyeds are a Working Breed

They are happier when they have a job to do!


Running obstacle courses with our dogs is great exercise, and even more fun!

Therapy Work

Nothing is more satisfying than bringing happiness to hospital patients with a visit from our certified therapy dogs.

Hollywood Dogs

We love doing commercial shoots, and seeing Wasabi in the dog food aisle, every time we go to Target.
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Family Pride & National Recognition

Two BISS wins at the National Specialty in 2000 and 2011.

Best In Show Specialty

Alan & Ono

The dads win at Nationals!
Alan shows "Ono" to BISS at the 2000 National Specialty.

Best In Show Specialty

Heather & Riley

Eleven years later, the kids win at Nationals!
Heather (Alan's daughter) shows "Riley" (Ono's son)
to BISS at the 2011 National Specialty.